Account Transfer

Account Transfer

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▼ Account Transfer
Account Transfer offers you two methods of the application that can be used simultaneously*. One method is Paper application (bank account registration for direct debit is conducted via paper application). Another one is Online application (bank account registration for direct debit is conducted online) that requires neither the transfer request form nor the personal seal. Moreover, Online application ensures immediate account registration.
GMO Payment Gateway (hereinafter “GMO-PG”) conducts all procedures, including the agreement, on your behalf and thus, helps to reduce your costs and improve your customers’ convenience.
* It depends on your system construction.

Advantages of the Account Transfer

  • ・ You can operate the Account Transfer service without managing your customers’debit account information.
  • ・ Online application ensures immediate account registration.
  • ・ Debit is possible 4 times in a month in the 5th, 6th, 23rd and 27th.
  • Early Payment Service is available.

Process from the registration to the introduction

  • Paper registration…Paper registration
  • Online registration…Online registration
Process from the registration to the introduction

Paper registration

  1. Sending the transfer request form
    (Merchant -> Consumer)
  2. Sending the transfer request form signed with the personal seal
    (Consumer -> Merchant)
  3. Sending the transfer request form
    (Merchant -> Financial institution)

Online registration

  1. Filling the transfer request form
    (Consumer -> Merchant)
  2. Notification of the transfer request form information
    (Merchant -> GMO-PG)
  3. Notification of the account transfer request information
    (GMO-PG -> Financial institution)

*It takes around 2-4 weeks for personal seal verification to complete the Paper application.

*If your existing customers switch from other payment service providers, you need to request them to go through the whole registration procedure again.

The process of payment operation

  • Purchase information, Payment number, Processed payment notification…Purchase information, Payment number, Processed payment notification
  • Deposit…Deposit
The process of payment operation
  1. Service delivery
  2. Notification of billing data
    (Merchant -> GMO-PG)
  3. Notification of billing data
    (GMO-PG -> Payment company)
  4. Notification of transfer result data
  1. Deposit
    (Payment company -> GMO-PG)
  2. Deposit
    (GMO-PG -> Merchant)

Financial institutions available for the Online application

Users of all banks mentioned below can choose the Online application that allows them to register their debit account online.
If you want to choose the Paper application, please contact us.

Aichi Bank Aomori Bank Akita Bank
Ashikaga Bank Awa Bank Senshu Ikeda Bank
Iyo Bank Iwate Bank Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank
Kagoshima Bank Kitakyushu Bank Kiyo Bank
Kinki Osaka Bank Gunma Bank Saitama Resona bank
San-in Godo Bank Shiga Bank Shikoku bank
Shizuoka Bank 77 Bank Shimizu Bank
Japan Net Bank The Eighteenth Bank Shonai Bank
Joyo Bank Shinwa Bank SBI Sumishin Net Bank
Sony Bank Daishi Bank Tajima bank
Chiba Bank Chiba Kogyo Bank Chugoku Bank
Tsukuba Bank Tokyo Tomin Bank Toho Bank
Tohoku Bank Torrori Bank Nanto Bank
Nishi-Nippon City Bank 82 Bank Higo Bank
Hyakugo Bank Hyakujushi Bank Hiroshima Bank
Fukui Bank Fukuoka Bank Hokuetsu Bank
Hokuto Bank Hokuriku Bank Hokkaido Bank
Mie Bank Mizuho Bank Michinoku Bank
Sumitomo Mitsui Baking Corporation MUFG Bank Miyazaki Bank
Miyazaki Taiyo Bank Musashino Bank Yamagata Bank
Yamaguchi Bank Yamanashi Chuo Bank Japan Post Bank
The Bank of Yokohama Rakuten Bank (former eBank Corporation) Resona Bank
Bank of the Ryukyus Credit Unions -

Financial institutions

愛知銀行 青森銀行 秋田銀行
足利銀行 阿波銀行 池田泉州銀行
伊予銀行 岩手銀行 大垣共立銀行
鹿児島銀行 北九州銀行 紀陽銀行
近畿大阪銀行 群馬銀行 埼玉りそな銀行
山陰合同銀行 滋賀銀行 四国銀行
静岡銀行 七十七銀行 清水銀行
ジャパンネット銀行 十八銀行 荘内銀行
常陽銀行 親和銀行 住信SBIネット銀行
ソニー銀行 第四銀行 但馬銀行
千葉銀行 千葉興業銀行 中国銀行
筑波銀行 東京都民銀行 東邦銀行
東北銀行 鳥取銀行 南都銀行
西日本シティ銀行 八十二銀行 肥後銀行
百五銀行 百十四銀行 広島銀行
福井銀行 福岡銀行 北越銀行
北都銀行 北陸銀行 北海道銀行
三重銀行 みずほ銀行 みちのく銀行
三井住友銀行 三菱UFJ銀行 宮崎銀行
宮崎太陽銀行 武蔵野銀行 山形銀行
山口銀行 山梨中央銀行 ゆうちょ銀行
横浜銀行 楽天銀行(旧イーバンク銀行) りそな銀行
琉球銀行 対象の信用金庫 -

Frequently asked questions

See FAQs regarding the Account Transfer(Japanese lauguage only)

Procedure until service implementation

1. Contact/request for materials

Please contact us using the request form or by phone. We will send you free materials about payment services best suitable for your business. According to your request, our sales representative will contact you as soon as possible.

Note that it takes from three weeks to two months to start the operation. This period includes: initial application, merchant screening, ID issuing, and system integration.
We provide detailed consultations and accept requests regarding our payment services.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

It is also possible to use the system in the test environment and download specifications.

Test environment enables you to conduct a preliminary test upon introducing “PG Multi-Payment Service”.
We also provide specification documents, manuals, and administration dashboard that is necessary for processing various payment methods (test operation).

2. Documents to submit

Please submit following documents when applying.

When using the Representative Contract with merchants:
  • 1) PG Multi-Payment Service application
  • 2) The register of the company (copy)
  • 3) Materials presenting your products/services
  • 4) Merchant information form
  • 5) Internal check form
  • 6) Notation content based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions
  • 7) Application and license to each competent government office.
  • *Some of the above documents are not required, when a web page is already being operated.
  • *Please contact our sales representative for more information.
When using the Direct Contract with merchants:
  • 1) PG Multi-Payment Service application
  • 2) Merchant information form

3. Merchant screening and registration

In case of Representative Contract with merchants, each acquirer conducts the merchant screening via GMO-PG.

4. Delivering the production environment

We will notify you about production environment settings via e-mail as soon as the system connection between an acquirer and GMO-PG is set.

5. Connection test in the production environment

You conduct the connection test in the production environment.

6. The start of full-scale operation

Service operations start.

  • *The period before the operations start varies, depending on your development tasks.
  • *PayPal introduction differs from other installation processes. After the merchant screening is approved, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from PayPal. You need to reply back by typing an authentication code. After that, the production environment will be provided.