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Simple to use services to enable
cross-border E-commerce through outsourcing

In order to enter a foreign market, your approach to customers needs to be different from the one to a domestic market. First, you need to make translations to the language of a targeted country, implement necessary payment methods, and change ways of attracting customers upon preparing your E-commerce website. Then, you are required to respond to customers’ inquiries regarding products and delivery in a local language. In order to make a smooth start of the cross-border E-commerce, we offer services that can be useful for those of you who are interested in the cross-border business, but also care about preparation tasks mentioned above.

Shopping agent service “Simply place a banner to sell overseas”

Simply place a banner to sell overseas

“Simply place a banner to sell overseas” service is offered by a Japanese E-commerce website, FROM JAPAN Co., Ltd., and represents a cross-border agent service that sells merchants’ products and services after receiving a request from foreign customers. Providing a specified banner on the Japanese service page, shopping agent service operated by FROM JAPAN enables merchants to display their product and payment information in a preferred language.
Foreign customers who visit the Japanese website can click on the banner and be linked to the dedicated website provided by FROM JAPAN to view all information in their language.
By using this service, you can avoid many concerns and risks, as FROM JAPAN handles inquiries, payments, domestic and overseas delivery on your behalf. Moreover, you don't need to pay any additional fee to FROM JAPAN.



Since March 2004, FROM JAPAN has been offering shopping agent services of Japanese products to foreigners and expatriated Japanese employees. It offers automated systems for easy bidding on Yahoo! Auctions and shopping on various Japanese shopping sites. Websites provided by the company are available in English and Chinese (traditional and simplified Chinese) and created by its team members who are proficient in foreign languages, and are able to deal with inquiries in different languages. Handling 2.1 million transactions in total and doing business in 197 countries and regions, FROM JAPAN is looking to expand its operations with the purpose to bring enjoyable shopping experience to people all over the world.

Cross-border E-commerce solution “Wando Platform”

Cross-border E-commerce solution “Wando Platform”

The “Wando Platform” is a cross-border E-commerce platform for Chinese market operated by Inagora, Inc. The platform enables to complete everything from the product registration to customers’ shopping operation with no need to leave Japan.

■Cross-border information

The “Wando Platform” handles the translation of product information, marketing, and operational support.

■Cross-border logistics

Once an order is received, simply send the product to the Inagora warehouse in Japan. The “Wando Platform” will arrange international distribution and take care of customs. Innovative international logistics system unifies the whole logistics process of delivery from merchants in Japan to consumers in China.

■Cross-border payments

Products are sold via payment methods that are commonly used in China. Payments made by Chinese shoppers in RMB are automatically converted in Yen within the “Wando Platform”.

We offer the “Wando Platform” solution by teaming up with Inagora.

Services to offer local payment methods

Services to offer local payment methods

Services to enable cross-border E-commerce on your own websites

Services to enable cross-border E-commerce on your own websites