Twitter Advertising Service

Twitter Advertising Service

Let our professionals optimize the effect of your adverts on Twitter!

Twitter Advertising Service

Three reasons to choose Twitter Ads

  • Twitter’s unique retargeting
    Twitter’s unique retargeting

    Twitter’s retargeting tool is based on users’ behavior and links to their interest. It lets advertisers target those users who cannot be reached via other social media. For example, advertisers are able to deliver ads to their competitors’ followers on Twitter.

  • No charge for ad diffusion
    No charge for retweets

    Twitter charges cost for the first user engagement only, all other actions and engagements, including retweets, are free.

  • 50% of active Twitter users are over 30 years old
    50% of active Twitter users are over 30 years old

    “Only young people use Twitter, don’t they?”
    No. According to the Twitter survey, more than 50% of active Twitter users are over 30 years old. Twitter is a powerful platform that enables you to reach a wide range of users.

Twitter’s retargeting (Use cases)

  • ・Company A, healthy food delivery: user acquisition cost is 2000 yen, improvement rate – 120% => An advertising effect is improved by using non-professional models for a third party advertising.
  • ・Company K, cosmetics: user acquisition cost is 500 yen, improvement rate – 110% => Preset campaign is implemented. Retargeting ads are addressed to campaign applicants.
  • ・Hiring (new graduates): user acquisition cost is 12,000 yen. Twitter ad targets other companies’ followers maximizing the effect of the promotion.
  • ・Game apps: user acquisition cost is 800~1,000 yen. Effective advertising to the users similar to the ones who installed the app.
  • ・Large department stores: customer transfer rate of campaign participant is 10% => Gift giving by the results of a retweet campaign. 10% of those who retweeted are expected to visit a physical store.


We are chosen by our capabilities as a payment gateway

GMO-PG offers comprehensive payment-related services and financial services.
Based on gathered know-how and payment data, we are able to quickly and accurately report sales data generated by advertising.

We have a quality unique to payment gateways. It implies setting the same goals as our merchants, such as “To increase sale of an E-commerce website.”
Please feel free to contact us!
We are delivering various types of online advertising!

Our team of advertising professionals has an outstanding performance and provides reliable support

  • Twitter ad for more than 150 companies
    Twitter ad for more than 150 companies.

    GMO Group has outstanding results in operating Twitter Ads. It allows to improve the performance of advertising operations in the shortest period of time.

  • Proactive communication with our Twitter ad representatives
    Proactive communication with our Twitter Ads representatives

    Being a certified Twitter advertising agency, GMO-PG offers reliable support and delivers the latest news that is not available to the competitors

  • Seminars in collaboration with Facebook and Twitter
    Seminars in collaboration with Facebook and Twitter

    We conduct free seminars for our customers.

Besides Twitter Ads, GMO-PG provides various types of social media advertising

We were awarded the “Excellent Award” for outstanding achievements in the “Account Support Campaign for SMB” sponsored by Facebook and conducted from September to December in 2013!

As the largest PSP and a leading company in social commerce in Japan, we provide the best support based on our rich experience and successful performance.

The flow of Twitter Advertising Service introduction

1. Initial interview

We conduct initial the interview on numerical targets, such as purposes and up to present operation.

2. Proposal

We propose a strategy adjusted to your interests and including simulation based on the interview results.

3. Contract signing and operation start

A contract will be concluded as soon as you send the checked and signed contract to us. Operation start will be adjusted according to your request.

4. Report on operation

We regularly conduct operation reporting. During our regular meetings we present report on the previous month operation as well as the report on the next month operation.

*According to the amount used, we might not conduct the meeting and will mail the report.

5. Operation adjustments

We conduct necessary adjustments to the operation according to numerical targets.