GMO-PG Listing Advertising Service

GMO-PG Listing Advertising Service

▼ Listing Ads
Listing Ad is one of the advertising methods that displays advertisements according to search engine keywords.
Displaying advertisements and purchasing keywords suitable for merchandise and service have become a very effective tool for web marketing, as you are able to appeal to users who are searching for something they need “right now”.

Reasons to choose PG Listing Advertising Service

1. Capabilities as a payment service provider enable to operate advertisement based on sales data.

Handling payments = maximizing sales: since the responsibility for conversion is important than anything, we do not conduct operations of meaningless advertisements.

2. All our team members are qualified professionals.

High quality SEM services have been developed by our experienced team that includes members came from Yahoo!JAPAN and other major advertising agencies. Most members have obtained the Google AdWords certification.

Award record and Certification

Awarded Google Excellent Performer Award 3 times

In October 2011 GMO-PG launched “GMO-PG Online Advertising Service” with the purpose to help our merchants to attract more customers and increase sales. Online Advertising Service has been offering services to support social commerce by providing batch services from services based on SEM, such as “Google AdWords” and “Yahoo!Advertising”, and advert publication on Facebook to establishing a Facebook page and payment services.

Authorized distributor of Google / Yahoo!

We provide Google / Yahoo! Ads as a part of our “GMO-PG Online Advertising Service”

an authorized distributor of Yahoo! Marketing Solutions

We are an authorized distributor of Yahoo! Marketing Solutions.

Yahoo! Promotional Ads Professional certification

Some members of our team have Yahoo! Promotional Ads Professional certification.


We earned the Premier Google Partner(*1) badge as there are some members in our team who were certified in AdWords.

(*1) Premier Google Partner badge shows that Google recognizes you as a Google Partner and that you meet strict requirements for AdWords spending, the number of certifications, and performance.

The flow of PG Listing Advertising Service introduction

1. Initial interview

We conduct the initial interview on numerical targets, such as purposes and up to present operation.

2. Proposal

We propose a strategy adjusted to your interests and including simulation based on the interview results.

3. Contract signing and operation start

A contract will be concluded as soon as you send the checked and signed contract to us. Operation start will be adjusted according to your request.

4. Report on operation

We regularly conduct operation reporting. During our regular meetings we present report on the previous month operation as well as the report on the next month operation.
*According to the amount used, we might not conduct the meeting and will mail the report.

5. Operation adjustments

We conduct necessary adjustments to the operation according to numerical targets.