Instagram Advertising Service

Instagram Advertising Service

Effectively utilizing your Instagram Ads and increasing your sales

▼ Instagram Ads
Instagram Ads appear as photos or videos in the Instagram feed. You can easily upload it by using Facebook Ads Manager.
The number of monthly active Instagram users in Japan is exceeding 8 million people. Isn’t it the best timing to share your story on Instagram?

Three reasons to choose Instagram Ads

1. Access to 8 million active users

The number of Instagram users in Japan has been continuously rising. Among them the proportion of youth audience (18-34 year olds) and women is increasing most of all.

2. Highly accurate targeting

Instagram allows highly accurate targeting based on registered information and Facebook actions, including "Like" and "Comment" .

3. Ad placement with a small budget

Ability to use ad formats on a self-serve basis makes budgeting flexible, and allows customers with a limited budget to place advertisements.

2.	Highly accurate targeting!

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■Photo adverts

The format of the uploading adverts is the same as the format of the user’s post. You can upload your adverts with the purpose to install an application or to lead a potential customer to your product page.

■Carousel adverts

Carousel format can include up to five photos or videos in a single advert and allows to set an individual link to each photo.

■Video adverts

2.5~30-second videos add more power of sight and motion and has a greater effect on users’ perception.

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New possibilities with GMO-PG and Instagram Ads

Advantages of letting us conduct advertisement operation on your behalf

1. Adding creativity and retargeting feature to optimize ads effect

We utilize functions of Instagram and Facebook Ads in the most optimal way to realize accurate retargeting and individual creativity.

2. Facilitating day-to-day operation

The ability to outsource constant control over expenses and progress allows to reduce administrative load.

3. Providing fulfilled reporting

By implementing PDCA to conduct ad verification for a month reporting, we help you improve the cost effectiveness of advertising.

GMO-PG has outstanding achievements in operating SNS adverts

We were awarded the “Excellent Award” for outstanding achievements in the “Account Support Campaign for SMB” sponsored by Facebook and conducted from September to December in 2013.

As the largest PSP and a leading company in social commerce in Japan, we provide the best support based on our rich experience and successful performance.

GMO-PG has outstanding achievements in operating SNS adverts

The flow of Instagram Advertising Service introduction

1. Initial interview

We conduct the initial interview on numerical targets, such as purposes and up to present operation.

2. Proposal

We propose a strategy adjusted to your interests and including simulation based on the interview results.

3. Contract signing and operation start

A contract will be concluded as soon as you send the checked and signed contract to us. Operation start will be adjusted according to your request.

4. Report on operation

We regularly conduct operation reporting. During our regular meetings we present report on the previous month operation as well as the report on the next month operation.

*According to the amount used, we might not conduct the meeting and will mail the report.

5. Operation adjustments

We conduct necessary adjustments to the operation according to numerical targets.