Facebook Advertising Service

Facebook Advertising Service

▼ Facebook Advertising Service
Being a leading company in social commerce, GMO Payment Gateway has achieved great results in advertisement operation. Our Facebook Advertising Service provides a wide scope of support from launching a Facebook page to operating your advertising account.

Three reasons to choose Facebooks Ads

1. The number of monthly active Facebook users in Japan is approximately 21 million* people.

There are 14 million of daily active users that can be potentially redirected from the Facebook page to your store’s product page. Thus, by starting Facebook Ads, you can reach a larger number of potential customers.

2. Targeting can be based on gender, age, educational background, and location, etc.

Delivery destinations can be determined by targeting based on real-time information, including hobbies and interests, family, relationship status, and place of work.

3. Facebook adverts can be used on different devices, such as PC and smartphone.

Controlling Facebook Ads distribution with a single management screen, makes it very easy to run advertisements across different devices. In addition, Facebook Ads stimulate users to install applications.

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Facebook Ad is an essential tool to increase the number of your Facebook page followers.

The key of effective utilizing Facebook Ads is the knowledge and operation skills of advertising professionals.

Our Customers' Success Stories

  • CHUMS Online Shopping
  • 25ans

Good chance to start advertising even with a small budget

We offer a perfect “Omakase Plan” where we pay advertising expenses and cover all operations from content creation to ads distribution on your behalf. We also prepared various plans that can fit your usage conditions, such as low commission.

Having great experience in advertisement operation, we conduct an effective support of your Facebook Ads utilization.

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