List of Online Advertising Services

▼Online Advertising Services

GMO Payment Gateway provides Online Advertising Services as a combination of “payment and advertising”.

Listing Ads

yahoo google

We provide administrative operations for Google AdWords, Yahoo! Sponsored Search, GDN, and YDN.
Listing Ad is an advertising method that displays not only advertisements based on search engine keywords, but also advertisements through a variety of retargeting in advertisement delivery frames bound with Google and Yahoo!, and Google Shopping Campaigns based on the data of your products. By offering Listing Ads, we are able to make accurate plan according to the purpose of promotion and proceed with operations to maximize results.

Facebook Ads

Facebook has become an essential advertising media. We were evaluated by Facebook, and are currently successfully running Facebook Ads for more than 180 companies.

Instagram Ads

Attention to Instagram Ads is rapidly increasing, especially in the scene of branding to the youth audience. We provide high-quality Instagram Ads and operate them over the Facebook management screen.

Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads have unique retargeting feature and are addressed to the wide range of users. We are currently running Twitter Ads for more than 20 companies in Japan.

LINE Ads Platform Agency Service

Grow your sales by leveraging LINE Ads Platform!

Criteo Ads

Criteo Ads represent real-time personalized recommendation banners.
Criteo Engine realizes a great performance continuously improving its prediction and recommendation algorithms.

Global Ads

Having great experience in operating Google AdWords and Facebook Ads in Japan, we also connect to every overseas entities of GMO-PG, which provides global payment service “ Payment” (former GMO-PG Global Payment), and offer GMO-PG global advertising service. Through this service we can provide marketing support and operate online advertisements for Japanese companies that have overseas subsidiaries or consider global expansion.

Google Analytics

In addition to conducting data analysis, our Google Analytics Consulting Service also makes detailed and effective proposals on website improvements.

Ad Fee Post Pay Service

GMO-PG sets an account for advertising expenses on your behalf. Upon using this account, you only pay for the use of multiple media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yahoo!, Google) after receiving an invoice from us.