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Online Advertising Seminars

For our customers

Free seminars and study sessions

User Acquisition Service Department of GMO-PG holds free seminars and study sessions for merchants who use our services.
Our mission is “to boost your business and sales”. Based on that, the scope of our services involves more than operations of Listing Ads, SNS Ads, and Google Analytics support.

During seminars we discuss various topics. For example:
“What media and tool are being used nowadays?”
“How did business grow after implementing the latest functions?”
“What are the companies that are successful and increasing their sales?”

We aim to conduct seminars useful for your business growth, and thus, to be evaluated as a company that customers are willing to work with.

Previous seminar partners

・Yahoo Japan Corporation ・Google Japan Inc.
・Facebook .Inc ・Twitter Japan, Inc.
・CRITEO Corporation ・MicroAd, Inc,
・Kaizen Platform, Inc. ・Adingo, Inc,