Alphabetical Order

  • Account update processing
    Account updating
  • Processing for checks to ensure the validity of the credit card held by the cardholder. Necessary when businesses provide recurring payment services.
  • Acquirer
  • Credit card companies which hold the rights for business transactions (sales aggregation) of brand credit cards such as Visa International and Mastercard International. Also called the “final destination credit card company.”
  • Approval number
  • Merchants are obligated to perform authorization when making a sale using a credit card. “Approval number” refers to the number (multiple digits) provided by the credit card company when authorization is performed.
  • Authorization
  • The process of securing the usage amount from the credit limit of the credit card. In this document, also refers to overall transaction processing with credit card companies.
  • Card holder
  • Credit card holders who use shopping sites, etc. operated by businesses.
  • Card number
  • The credit card number.
  • Credit line (credit limit)
  • Usable amount set for the credit card. Also called the credit limit.
  • Debit card
  • A credit card which is directly linked to the savings account of the card holder.
  • Destination
    (destination card company)
  • The credit card company which judges whether or not the credit card can be used. When a merchant contract has been consummated, the credit card company which is party to the contract. When no merchant contract exists, the sales aggregate credit card company (acquirer) of Visa or Mastercard.
  • Expiration date
  • The date embossed on the surface of the credit card. Displayed as VALID THRU “month/year.” Credit cards which have exceeded the expiration date cannot be used.
  • International cards
  • General term for credit cards which can be used in Japan and overseas (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, and JCB).
  • Issuer
  • Credit card issuing companies which have been granted the rights for issuing brand credit cards such as Visa International and Mastercard International.
  • Merchant contract
  • When using credit cards, the contract consummated in order to become a merchant of the credit card company.
  • Payment center
  • Refers to the entire GMO-PG system. Encompasses destination credit card company of each business, usable payment method settings, and functions for sales data creation processing.
  • Proper card
  • Credit card which can only be used by corporations specified by the credit card issuer.