Member ID payment and convenience store payment were big reasons that we selected GMO-PG | Success Story

Akyrise, Ltd.

Member ID payment which enables saving of the credit card number is really convenient. Advance payment by paying at a convenience store is another big reason that we selected GMO-PG.

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Background for installation of PG Multi-Payment Service

Since 2003, we have used GMO-PG’s credit card payment services for web sales of our skincare products. We conduct sales via leaflets, magazines, television, and web advertising, and accept orders via the four channels of faxes, postal mail, telephone, and the internet. Credit card payment is an important payment method that accounts for about 40% of our online transactions.

Amid these business conditions, there were two issues which led to our decision to install PG Multi-Payment Service. Specifically, we wanted to display our own unique screen at the time of site transition, and we wanted to increase options for payment methods.

Advance payment by paying at a convenience store was a big reason that we selected GMO-PG. Also, we plan on implementing recurring payments in the future. When considering such future plans, we decided that GMO-PG services are the best choice, as they are successfully used by NHK and Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Member ID payment is really convenient.

To be honest, prior to installing PG Multi-Payment Service, I was worried about our company being the first user of the service. However, the service is now a convenient and essential part of our business. I am able to concentrate on my main responsibility of enterprise systems, without the need to worry about the payment system. This has made operation and management really easy.

For example, with our previous system, I had to perform some manual work at the time of sales processing. With PG Multi-Payment, it’s completely automated. We also frequently used the service in the test phase, and GMO-PG has really helped us with linking modules.

Also, member ID payment is really convenient. The credit card number is saved, which spares users the trouble of entering their information each time they make a transaction. Previously, customers had expressed dissatisfaction with having to enter their credit card number each time. However, thanks to PG Multi-Payment, the payment process is now smooth, and it is easier to collect payment. The process from ordering to payment has become very efficient.

Pursuing services which can be used even more conveniently and smoothly.

We want to increase customer satisfaction by continuing to improve our services, so that they can be used even more conveniently and smoothly. In terms of payment functions, we want to make full use of PG Multi-Payment Service by adding functions such as payment by mobile phone/smartphone, a function to clear off and re-enter monthly payments, and a function for returns of some products.