Resolving Social Challenges through Services with Low Environmental Footprint

The Company’s Services and Climate Change Issues

The Company promotes initiatives such as paperless, cashless, and online migration that have lower environmental burden compared to conventional payment services, as well as provide lending services to support the growth of global FinTech service operators and online businesses that have low environmental burden. The Company aims to realize a sustainable society, support the conversion to a decarbonized society, and undertake initiatives to lower the environmental burden of customers and society through our services.

Opportunity and Risks Associated with Climate Change

Recent years have seen a worsening of climate change issues, and services offered by GMO-PG’s consolidated companies may also be impacting the climate and natural resources through CO2 emissions from the electric power consumption used in its services. To combat this issue, the Risk Management Committee comprehensively undertakes an assessment of and response to natural disaster risks, including climate change.

Acknowledge the short-term, as well as medium-to-long term risks, from the possibility of suspension/interruption of operations and services caused by injuries to humans, data loss, and destruction/damage to data centers from natural disasters and abnormal weather.
As part of disaster preparedness, methods and procedures have been stipulated to ensure business continuity in an emergency, preparedness during non-emergency times, as well as securing back-up redundancy in the system configuration where appropriate.
The heightened social need for a more environmentally sound business is leading to both current and medium-tolong-term opportunities for services that promote paperless, cashless, and online migration provided by GMO-PG andits consolidated subsidiaries.

Initiatives to Counter Climate Change

The Company supports the merchant’s migration to paperless operations by proving services that digitalize payment slips for payment of electric power bills.

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission Reduction Targets

Implement de facto renewable energy for electric power usage at major data centers, which consume the majority ofelectric power of all the businesses of GMO-PG’s consolidated companies, during FY2022.
To achieve zero GHG emissions (under Scope 1+2) in the Company’s operations that includes offices and all other data centers by FY2023.

GHG Emissions

(Unit:t-CO2) FY2019 FY2020 FY2021
Scope1*1 0 0 0
Scope2*2 1,559 1,736 1,883
*Compiled from electric power usage at offices and data centers of the major GMO-PG consolidated companies
*1 Direct emissions from owned or controlled sources
*2 Indirect emissions from the generation of purchased electricity, heating and cooling, etc.