Introduction of payment service for chat

payment service for chat

▼ What is a chat payment service?

・ By utilizing the patents owned by GMO Payment Gateway and the payment service of the GMO Payment Gateway Group, businesses and partner companies can introduce and develop the "payment chat with function" service. We will support you.
・ By realizing the flow of entering payment information on the chat UI and completing up to payment without screen transitions, businesses can improve the conversion rate of existing EC sites and launch new services. It will be possible.
A. payment Businesses who want to develop chats with functions for their own companies / Partner companies who want to develop for clients
→ payment We will inform you about the introduction method of the service and the outline of the patents held. In addition, if you want to outsource the actual development to an external company, we can also introduce you to the development company.
B. Businesses / partner companies who want to use chat with payment function on their own sites / services
→ We would like to introduce our partner companies that can already provide chat with payment function.

Benefits of payment services for chat

(1) We will provide a payment service with no screen transitions, where the payment (Credit card payment, GMO Payment After Delivery)

(2) You can expect an improvement in the conversion rate of EC sites.

(3) We provide comprehensive introduction support (introduction of development companies, etc.) based on the patents owned by GMO Payment Gateway.

Holds a patent that allows payment be completed within chat

Service notes

(1) GMO Payment Gateway does not provide the chat payment service, but provides comprehensive support through patent licenses and introduction support. We will introduce "qualva payment" to businesses and partner companies who want to use chat with payment function on their own sites / services.

② CVS Payment, such as payment can not be completed in the chat until payment method there is also.

GMO Payment Gateway "on the chat screen payment that complete until the" payment owns the patent (※ 1) relates to a process for the treatment.
We will contribute to the spread and promotion of payment services by having businesses and partner companies utilize this patent right in principle by using a free license (* 2) method.

(* 1) Patent 6318432: payment processing system and payment processing method.
(* 2) We will discuss the contract