Official launch "fincode byGMO", 
an online payment infrastructure designed to help startups succeed

May 18, 2022

GMO Epsilon, Inc.

It is a consolidated subsidiary of the GMO Internet Group GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "GMO-PG"). GMO Epsilon, Inc. (President & Chief Executive Officer: Kazunari Taguchi GMO-EP) is an online organization designed to help startups succeed in the Japanese market. infrastructure of payments will start providing "fincode byGMO" (URL:
LayerX Inc. (hereinafter referred to as LayerX) and Your mystar, Inc (hereinafter referred to as "Your mystar" ), and the product has been updated in advance, and it has become available to all businesses from today, May 18, 2022 (Wednesday).
Businesses using "fincode byGMO" can immediately open an account online and accept card payment on the shortest day (*1). It also provides intuitive APIs and low-code components, reducing implementation man-hours.

  • *1 Predetermined screening is required for use.

Officially Launch of Online infrastructure of payments "fincode byGMO" Designed for Startups to Succeed

【Background and Summary】

For many startups in Japan, "payment" is an unfamiliar area that is not the core of the product. For this reason, there are issues such as the need for time to compare and introduce new products and services, and the need to switch systems due to functional shortages after implementation. In addition, in recent years, these issues have become more complex due to changes in the types of payment method and billing systems demanded by consumers, as well as changes in the laws, regulations, and security standards surrounding payment field.
On the other hand, GMO-PG, including GMO-EP, is a group that generates more than 9 trillion yen per year for more than 100,000 affiliated stores payment We provide the infrastructure to handle (as of the end of March 2022, consolidated figures). While providing services that emphasize the robustness and safety of the system and the ease of use for a wide range of businesses regardless of industry type or scale, there were some aspects that did not match the product development style of startups that were small and quickly launched and nurtured large.
Therefore, in order to solve the payment field issues faced by startups, GMO-PG has cultivated in the group so far with knowledge and development capabilities in payment, and early adoption. Based on the opinions received from engineers and management of many startups including LayerX and Your mystar, online infrastructure of payments developed "fincode byGMO".
"fincode byGMO" is necessary for various business models such as platforms and subscriptions, as well as E-commerce payment We carefully select and arrange functions to pursue ease of use and understanding in promoting online business. Therefore, regardless of the business model or business phase, startups can focus on business growth without having to deal with payment field issues. Going forward, we will continue to update development assets at a high frequency in line with current trends while actively incorporating the opinions of startups and user operators, such as the expansion of payment method and functions, peripheral components, and the provision of FinTech units such as loans, remittances, and card issuance.

【About "fincode byGMO"】

Online that comprehensively solves the hidden issues of payment field that arise before and after the startup service launch, while at the same time seamlessly providing the expansive value required as the business phase progresses infrastructure of payments.
In addition to E-commerce, we cover a wide range of functions and performance required for complex and modern business models such as platform type and subscription type, regardless of whether they are BtoC, BtoB, or CtoC. In addition, we offer a wealth of development support assets that are accessible online, and a customer success team that is familiar with payment, software, and startup businesses backs up implementation and operations.
In the PMF (Product Market Fit) phase, where lean development is required, "immediate provision of test environment", "prompt web review", "online guidance that is easy to understand even for engineers with no experience in payment implementation", " Provision of SDK and UI components to reduce development man-hours" makes it possible to implement payment with short lead times, and it is possible to focus on building in your own products.
In addition, in the growth phase, "support for a wide range of important payment method and various billing systems" and "increase payment We will back up the strengthening of the user base according to the business model, such as stable processing of transactions, compliance with laws and regulations and security standards with a fast improvement cycle, and "registration and management of tenants on the platform".
In all phases, we thoroughly eliminate invisible costs such as initial costs, monthly usage fees, account maintenance fees, and transfer fees, and use all functions with only 3.6% of the payment transaction amount.
In addition, we plan to add support payment method from time to time.

【About GMO Epsilon, Inc.】

GMO-EP is a payment processing services provider of free initial costs and transaction processing fees (*2). As of the end of March 2022, it is used by 41,464 EC businesses. Just by contract with GMO-EP, there is no need to build a system for each payment processing business person Credit card payment CVS Payment, E-wallet, smartphone carrier payment, etc., and various payment method In addition to being able to use the delivery service in a lump sum, it is also possible to greatly save time and costs because the price of the product collected from the purchaser and the freight rate of delivery are also settled at once. In addition, in order to support the smooth cash flow of EC business operators, sales-linked business cards "Cycle byGMO", lending and Remittance Service, etc. are finance We also provide related services. TSE is a member of the GMO Internet Group, a prime listed company, and has been granted the Privacy Mark for the protection of personal information, and the security standards are compliant with PCI DSS and ISMS, creating an environment where customers can use the service with peace of mind.

  • Transaction processing fee is the fee charged for each communication with the credit card company for authorization credit card (acquisition of approval number) and billing.
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【GMO Epsilon, Inc.】(URL:

Corporate Name GMO Epsilon, Inc.
Location Tokyo Shibuya-ku Dogenzaka 1-chome 14-6 Humax Shibuya Building
Representative President & Chief Executive Officer Kazunari Taguchi
Business Description ■ Online sales payment processing company, payment collection agency and operations incidental to them
Capital 140 million yen

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Corporate Name GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. (TSE Prime Securities Code: 3769)
Location 1-2-3 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Shibuya Fukurasu
Representative President & Chief Executive Officer Issei Ainoura
Business Description ■ Comprehensive payment related services and finance related services
Capital 13,323 million yen

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Corporate Name GMO Internet, Inc. (TSE Prime Securities Code: 9449)
Location Cerulean Tower 26-1, Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative Representative Director and Group Representative Masatoshi Kumagai
Business Description ■ Internet infrastructure business
■ Internet advertising / media business
■ Internet finance business
■ Cryptographic assets business
Capital 5 billion yen