Article 4: Security measures

Article 4: Security measures

Important points of security measures

Trust from customers is a vital element for online stores and E-commerce sites. The utmost care is required when managing credit card information and personal information received from customers.

In order to enable your customers to enjoy safe and secure online shopping, and to ensure the trustworthiness of your online store and E-commerce site, be sure to construct robust security measures like those listed below.

  • ・Anti-virus measures
  • ・Measures to prevent unauthorized access
  • ・Protection and management of customer data
  • ・Use of user authentication

Necessity of payment by credit card

When starting an online store or E-commerce site, there are several important points to be aware of when selecting a payment service provider. When paying by credit card, the purchaser enters personal information such as address, name, and credit card number. Therefore, security measures are necessary to prevent leakage of personal information.

In order to have customers purchase products on online stores and E-commerce sites, payment must be made possible. According to the Internet White Papers of the Internet Association Japan, more than half of purchasers select credit cards as their preferred payment method. At 51.9%, credit cards hold the top share among internet payment methods. This shows that more than half of online store users want to pay by credit card.

Payment methods frequently used for onlineshopping

Security measures for credit card payment

There are a large number of credit card companies. However our comprehensive service allows to sign bulk contracts at once. Normally, online stores and E-commerce sites use payment service providers that offer a full lineup of security measures and support services after system installation. Since E-commerce sites handle the credit card information of customers, it is vital to select a trustworthy payment service provider.
Businesses considering the implementation of credit card payment should check the following security items.

Payment service providers that support these security points can be viewed as safe. Payment services can group various types of payment methods for installation and management, thus reducing the administrative burden. However, this convenience incurs costs in the form of initial expenses, system usage fees, and payment processing fees, etc.

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Preparing the payment method which is most desired by customers will enable you to prevent customers from abandoning their purchase or going to other E-commerce sites. Guiding customers to complete their purchase will contribute to increasing sales at your online store.
Our payment service “PG Multi-Payment Service” enables batch installation of various payment methods including credit card payment, convenience store payment, account transfer, and E-money. GMO Payment Gateway responds to diversifying payment needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any inquiries that you may have.