Article 6: Installing payment systems for the first time (1)

Article 6: Installing payment systems for the first time (1)

This article explains payment methods installed at online stores and E-commerce websites.

Credit card payment

From among all online payment methods, credit card payment is selected by more than half of users, making it the most frequently used payment method. When inputting information such as the shipping address at an online store or E-commerce website, payment procedures can be completed by entering the credit card number, expiration date, and cardholder name.

  • ・Payment is completed at the same time as purchasing procedures. This makes it possible to pay 24-hours a day, without any restrictions due to time of day.
  • ・Reduces the risk of uncollected paymenst lower than other payment methods.
  • ・The period from purchase to shipping is short. This minimizes layaway time at the shop and makes it possible for the customer to receive the product quickly.
  • ・In some cases, measures to prevent unauthorized use are taken by requiring a security code or 3D secure authentication.

Convenience store payment

This method enables payment at convenience store registers or terminals, without using a payment slip. Procedures are performed using the “payment number” which is generated after completing payment procedures.

  • ・There are payment locations throughout Japan, so this method is extremely convenient to use.
  • ・Used for a wide range of products, from goods to digital content.
  • ・We also support shipping of products after confirming the receipt of payment at convenience stores from the customer (purchaser).


This is a “digital gift token” in which e-money is purchased (charged) in advance for use in a variety of payments. Examples of widely-used e-money include Edy, SUICA, WebMoney, etc.

  • ・The risk of uncollected payment is extremely low for prepaid methods.
  • ・Can be used by anyone to make a purchase at a convenience store, etc., so this method can be used even by people who do not possess a credit card.


In this method, payment is made at a bank ATM using the “payment number” which is generated after completing payment procedures at the online store or E-commerce website. Almost all financial institutions in Japan are members of this service.

  • ・No restrictions on users, so anyone can make payment.
  • ・The payment number contains transaction information such as the amount. This eliminates the need to enter the amount during payment procedures and prevents mistakes.
  • ・Payment can be made at any bank ATM that supports Pay-easy.