Article 7: Installing payment systems for the first time (2)

Article 7: Installing payment systems for the first time (2)

Paying by PayPal

PayPal is an online payment method which is widely recognized throughout the world. The number of PayPal users in Japan is increasing. PayPal supports 25 different currencies in more than 190 countries and regions throughout the world. There are more than 100 million active PayPal accounts.

  • ・Payment is possible simply by entering the email address and password registered to PayPal.
  • ・PayPal is also a safe service that is effective at preventing skimming and other types of fraud.
  • ・PayPal also supports payments for small amounts.

Account transfer

In this payment method, fees are collected upon arrival of a billing invoice after arrival of the product.

  • ・Instant registration is possible via online application performed entirely on the Internet.
  • ・An improvement can be expected in the payment rate and continuation rate for customers (purchasers).
  • ・Our company handles the management of account information. There is no need for your business to hold or manage account information.

Cash on delivery

In the “Cash on delivery” payment method, fees are collected when the courier or postal service delivers the product to the purchaser.

  • ・Payment is made after confirming arrival of the product, so the payment service can be used with peace of mind by purchasers.
  • ・There are no troublesome procedures such as inputting the credit card number or going to an ATM to make a transfer.
  • ・For shops, this method reduces the risk of uncollected payments.

Carrier billing

This payment method uses the telephone fee collection systems of mobile phone companies. Each carrier (au, DOCOMO, SoftBank, etc.) has its own service. Users can pay product fees together with monthly phone fees.

  • ・Payment can be made by any person who uses a mobile phone.
  • ・The user is identified using the unique identification information of each mobile phone. Therefore, payment is possible simply by entering a 4-digit password.
  • ・Payment can be made immediately even by people who do not possess a credit card.