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added value

Unique to GMO-PG: Payment methods plus “added value”

In addition to a convenient payment system which uses a single package to install various payment methods required for E-commerce websites, GMO Payment Gateway provides unique services to support increasing E-commerce sales and entering overseas markets.

Proposing the optimal operation method

Proposing the optimal operation method

Based on the largest number of installations of any company in Japan, instead of simply providing a payment system, GMO Payment Gateway services feature expert representatives who provide detailed support/proposals to ensure installation of the optimal payment method and efficient operation at your business.

Selecting a payment service provider

Selecting a payment service provider

Introduces important points to consider when selecting a payment service provider and items to confirm before installing payment services. Furthermore, eliminating uneasiness related to security in card-not present payment like E-commerce services is an extremely important requirement which will lead to increased trust.

reating your first E-commerce site

Creating your first E-commerce site

Are you unsure of how to start when creating your first E-commerce site or online shop? The following is a summary of creation methods, security measures, points to consider when selecting a production company, and other useful information for starting an E-commerce website or online shop. Here we delivery useful information for a successful E-commerce website from installation to operation, and provide featuring articles which support E-commerce business from a variety of perspectives.