Article 10: Important points for success

Article 10: Important points for success

This article introduces important points for the success of a website with healthy sales.

Online web advertising

Have you ever visited an online store by clicking an advertisement or a banner? Advertising distribution can be used to increase opportunities for guiding purchasers to your website. When shopping at an online store or E-commerce website, the first thing that users do is search for products. Displaying the optimal advertising according to the keyword searched by the user makes it possible to increase purchase opportunities and to efficiently attract customers.

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Information provision that gives customers a sense of security

Even if customers are guided to the product page, they will not make a purchase if the information they are searching for is not available. It is important to list product information (price, explanation of functions, specifications, photographs, etc.) in as much detail as possible. Also, you should prepare conditions, which enable the purchaser to use the site with peace of mind. For example, you list holding information, including information on the site operator and information on certifications, security measures, payment methods, and shipping services.

Easy-to-understand website to stop customers from leaving

Special measures are required at the product listing page in order to prevent visitors from leaving the site. For example, you ensure that product explanations are easy to understand, that photographs are readily visible and convey product features, that the purchase button is positioned appropriately, etc. It is also important to design an easy-to-understand site configuration. For example, please be sure to list information on shipping fees, delivery, handling of personal information, etc.

Respond to customer needs through a variety of payment methods

When shopping online, have you ever placed products in your shopping cart and proceeded to the payment screen, but eventually cancelled the transaction because your preferred payment method was not available? Credit cards are the most frequently used payment method at online stores and E-commerce websites. However, it is also necessary to prepare payment methods that can be used by customers who feel uneasy about registering their credit card information, or who do not possess a credit card.

Prompt and attentive response for improving trust and increasing the number of repeat customers

Trust is a vital element of online shopping. Customers expect purchased products to be delivered reliably, quickly, and in good condition. You should always remember to think from the perspective of customers.

Shipping is not the end of the business transaction. It is important to implement measures and make efforts to capture repeat customers.