Article 9: Business activities of an online shop or E-commerce website

Article 9: Business activities of an online store or E-commerce website

This article will help you understand product management, sales management, website management, support services, and advertising.

Product management

“Product management” refers to the following logistic-related tasks, including procuring products and ascertaining inventory. In addition to inventory management, product management is also linked with the system for sending/receiving procurement orders for products, and reduces the number of management processes.

  • ・Information management: Manage product master data and data consisting of basic product information
  • ・Inventory management: Adjust the quantity of inventory according to the shipping quantity; ascertain and manage inventory on hand
  • ・Procurement management: Manage the procurement quantity via analysis/measures based on comparison of budgets and actual results

Sales management

“Sales management” refers to work related to buying/selling on online stores and E-commerce websites.

  • ・Confirm receipt of payment: Confirm that sales payments have been collected without any problems
  • ・Transaction management: Management of sales information. Create/send invoices, issue shipping orders, check for any delayed shipments

Website management

“Website management” refers to updating information and performing system maintenance for online stores and E-commerce websites.

  • ・Inventory registration: Input information into the database based on inventory lists and update the quantity of inventory on hand each time that a product is sold
  • ・Product registration: Perform new product registration, configure explanatory text, process images, and update to the site
  • ・Contents updating: Create special pages or add/correct/modify news releases
  • ・System maintenance: Perform maintenance and inspection for proper operation of the system, and correct any defects

Support services

“Support services” refers to handling inquiries received by telephone or email, and to responding to complaints. Support services are necessary in order to increase customer satisfaction. Attentive and prompt response is required, with different measures taken in each case. In order to ensure that explanations and information are provided according to a prescribed flow, we recommend preparing support for primary response.


“Advertising” refers to improving structural defects in the website as identified via access analysis, and to effectively utilizing the results of analysis for tabulated sales data.

  • ・Access analysis: Enable analysis of behavior by customers visiting the site
  • ・Data analysis: Visualize improvements required for the website based on behavioral analysis of customers who did not make a purchase
  • ・Effective utilization: Enable targeted advertising distribution based on tabulated data