Article 3: Important points when outsourcing to a production company

Article 3: Important points when outsourcing to a production company

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  • ・E-commerce construction packages for easy construction of a site even by beginners
  • ・Full scratch services offer a high degree of freedom and flexible customization
  • ・ASP services for rental and implementation of cart portions only

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After considering your business plan, expenses, and business scale, were you able to find the optimal production company? Have you formed a clear image of your online store or E-commerce website? There are still many other points to consider, including your concept and target.

This article introduces several important points to consider when outsourcing to the production company selected in “Article 2: Selecting the optimal production company.” Note that this article does not apply in the case of in-house production.

Compared to when outsourcing to a production company with absolutely no information on your site, the starting point differs when outsourcing after summarizing information such as a profile of your company, an introduction of your concept, and a list of needs which you want to satisfy.

Summarizing the following items before outsourcing will ensure a smooth start to the construction of your online store or E-commerce website.

Important points when outsourcing

  • ・Give a detailed explanation of your business plan and an image of your ideal online store/E-commerce site
  • ・Explain the online store/E-commerce site building system which you are considering installing
  • ・Decide on the product costs
  • ・View the sites of competitors and summarize strengths, weaknesses, and other points of special notice
  • ・Decide whether related tools will be necessary (for example, analysis of customer data after operation)
  • ・Is it possible to outsource the photographing of products and editing/processing of photographs?
  • ・Is support required for smartphones and mobile devices?
  • ・Is after-sales service or customer service necessary?

In order to obtain more detailed proposals and advice, explain your business plan and the image of your online store in as much detail as possible. This will prevent losing sight of your purpose and final goal, even if the site design or technical specifications are changed during the production phase.
We also recommend providing as much detailed information as possible regarding support after building the online store or E-commerce website. You should also consider the necessity of outsourcing time-consuming work and the need for after-sales service.