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There are various payment method
~ Strengths of GMO Payment Gateway ~

GMO Payment Gateway is the industry's most advanced SaaS that responds to the needs of payment method such as CVS Payment, electronic money, and buy now pay later in addition to credit cards in the operation of EC sites and Internet payment We are developing a comprehensive payment service "PG Multi-Payment Service In addition, we offer a variety of + α services so that we can continue to be selected as a business partner that our customers need.

Strength 1 PG Multi-Payment Service

  • PG Multi-Payment Service
  • GMO Payment Gateway of payment services "PG Multi-Payment Service" is, Credit card payment in addition to, CVS Payment, electronic money, debit, buy now pay later variety, such as payment method corresponds to, high these of the needs payment method collectively It is possible to introduce it. In addition, not only the leading mail-order operators and EC businesses, social network services, NHK, national tax of the Agency, Tokyo, such as public entity have just adopted, such as the Actual are also available. We will lead the EC of business operators to success with a wide range of services corresponding to various business types, scales and billing forms of customers, such as online shops, "recurring payment payment utility charge and monthly services.

Strength 2 Security measures

  • Security measures
  • To create an environment where more member stores can feel at ease, we provide security solutions at all stages of payment" "at the time of payment payment There are fraud prevention services that use fraud detection tools to prevent malicious transactions, and Tokenization that payment processing. chargeback compensation group insurance in case of emergency.

Strength 3 Marketing support

  • Marketing support
  • In order to help attract customers and increase sales on EC sites, we provide Listing ad operation agency services, Facebook ad operation agency services, Google Analytics analysis consulting, etc. that utilize "Yahoo! Promotional Ads" and "Google AdWords".
    We operate and analyze advertisements while checking the actual sales of products that can only be done by a payment processing company In addition, the advertising costs buy now pay later can Ad Fees Deferred Payment through the provision of, improvement of the business bidder of cash flow and operational efficiency is also helping.

Strengths 4 Payment

  • Payment
  • overseas payment service for Japanese e-commerce businesses expanding overseas, is most used in each country in collaboration with local businesses in addition to Credit card payment in the local currency of each country. We will provide you with the payment method
    In addition to providing the system, we will form a strong tag with local partner companies and lead your global business to success.