Diverse payment methods with added value~Advantages of GMO Payment Gateway~

Diverse payment methods with added value
~Advantages of GMO Payment Gateway~

For E-commerce website operation and electronic payment, in order to respond to a variety of payment needs including credit cards, payment at convenience stores, e-money, and deferred payment, we offer PG Multi-Payment Service. This comprehensive payment service uses the industry’s most advanced SaaS technology to realize simple installation of a highly-functional system. Additionally, we provide a wide range of added values to ensure that we are continually selected as an essential business partner by our customers.

Advantage 1:PG Multi-Payment Service

  • PG Multi-Payment Service
  • The PG Multi-Payment Service offered by GMO Payment Gateway supports numerous payment methods including credit cards, payment at convenience stores, e-money, account transfers, and deferred payment. This service enables batch installation for all of these frequently used payment methods. In addition to major mail-order corporations and E-commerce businesses, PG Multi-Payment Service is also used by social network services, NHK, National Tax Agency, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and other municipalities/public institutions. We contribute to the success of your E-commerce business through a broad range of services supporting the diverse industries, scales, and billing formats of our customers, from online shopping to recurring payments for public services and monthly services.

Advantage 2:Security Solutions

  • Security measures
  • As part of developing an environment for secure use by even more merchants, we provide security solutions for all phases including before payment, during payment, and after payment. For example, we offer fraud-prevention services which use fraud-detection tools to prevent malicious transactions, and tokenization which performs payment by changing the credit card number to a different character string. We also provide chargeback insurance to provide peace of mind even in the event of a fraudulent transaction.

Advantage 3:Online Advertising Services

  • Online Advertising Service
  • In order to attract customers and increase sales for your E-commerce website, we provide administrative services for listing advertisements which use Yahoo! Promotional Ads and Google AdWords, administrative services for Facebook advertisements, and Google Analytics consulting, etc. Our unique capabilities as a payment service provider enable us to perform and analyze advertising while confirming the actual sales of items. Furthermore, through our deferred payment service for advertising fees, we help improve the cash flow and operating efficiency of your business.

Advantage 4:Z.com Payment

  • Z.com Payment
  • Z.com Payment is a payment service for Japanese E-commerce businesses that are expanding overseas. In addition to credit card payment in the local currency of that country, we provide the most frequently used payment method in that country through cooperation with local businesses.
    Not only do we provide systems; we also contribute to the success of your global business by realizing powerful synergy with local partner corporations.

The reason why customers select GMO-PG services
In order to respond to a wide range of needs, we make the best proposal to each customer based on careful consideration of factors such as the industry, type of business, size of business, and regional characteristics.