GMO Payment Gateway Case StudyDaiichi Engei Co., Ltd.

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Daiichi Engei Co., Ltd.

Introduced GMO-PG marketing support and succeeded in significantly increasing sales of Mother's Day gifts!
We sell flower gifts according to the seasons and offer flower services for business.

Services used:Marketing support, Listing ad management, Facebook ads placement

Service classification: Flower gift Internet sales

Introduction site: Daiichi Engei ONLINE SHOP

This article was published in August 2012.
  • Daiichi Engei Co., Ltd.

    Mr. Chuichi Hino

    We provide customers online with a wealth of flowers, foliage plants, gardening supplies, and other interior goods that we confidently recommend.

Why did you choose PG?

・ Low fees unique to payment processing company
・ Know-how of online advertising by people from Yahoo! and advertising agencies
・ Schedule and detailed support

What made you decide to introduce marketing support?

How was the effect of introducing the service?

This year, as a promotion budget for Mother's Day, the same amount as the year before last was recorded as advertising expenses, but sales increased from the year before last. I am satisfied because I was able to reduce the fees and achieve a higher effect than before.

I hear that GMO Payment Gateway is able to demonstrate a high-quality effect of attracting customers because it has the know-how of online advertising by people from Yahoo! and advertising agencies.

In what specific ways did you realize the effect?

In the Mother's Day promotion, the early discount was divided into three stages, and he suggested how to show the advertisement suitable for each stage. From the beginning, he set up a schedule and made suggestions, so we were able to develop it smoothly.

Another big difference was that they also provided support on Facebook. The idea was to give flowers to Mother's Day targeting Japanese people working overseas. It was a proposal that was made only on Facebook, and it was very effective. I think it was a good measure in that we were able to open up new markets.

Online advertising has a wide variety of information, and it is difficult for sellers to operate it. Under such circumstances, I think that such cheap and high-quality services are very valuable. I hope that you will continue to provide highly effective marketing support.

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