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A convenient society that API linkage will change.
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Simulating life "now and a little bit in the future"

-API cooperation is a multiplication of convenience Humans can be more free when apps are connected-

API cooperation is becoming more and more active. API integration that transcends the boundaries of the system not only seamlessly connects multiple services on the app, but also seems to have the impact of making people more active and free by greatly improving convenience. Since the revision of the Banking Act in 2017, financial institution and fintech companies has been rapidly progressing. So, I took a look at the lifestyle that changed due to API cooperation.

Settle transportation expenses and expenses with a smartphone

6:00 pm on Friday.
"Today is a mini reunion with my college friends. Let's go straight to the store instead of going back to work."
B, who works for an IT company in Tokyo, has been in the company for 5 years. I have a sales position for corporations. At the company where B works, it has been possible to settle transportation expenses and business trip expenses with a smartphone for about two years. It is convenient because you can search for a route and display the fare just by entering the station name. More recently, for sections using transportation IC cards, the boarding section and fare data can be automatically imported by simply holding the IC card over the smartphone.

I used to have to go back to work to settle transportation expenses after visiting a customer, but I'm happy that I can now attend private events such as mini alumni associations and drinking parties like tonight. ..

B is the secretary of this mini alumni association. When I visited a customer the other day, I found a newly opened Italian restaurant, pointed my smartphone camera at the restaurant, and checked the interior and menu of the restaurant with AR (Augmented Reality). The atmosphere was perfect for this venue, so I made a reservation on the spot. After making the reservation, I shared the data that can be used with the map app with my classmates.

Centralized management of all inflows and outflows of money by API linkage

It seems that using the functions of one application by calling data from another application is called "API (Application Programming Interface)". Furthermore, in Japan, an "open API" is currently underway to disclose the connection specifications of banking systems to external businesses contract The 2017 revision of the Banking Act was a breakthrough, and financial institution and fintech companies progressed at once.

For example, the household account book application used by B is linked with the bank via API, so you can see not only the transfer of salary but also the withdrawal of utility charge In addition, because it works with credit card companies, if you shop with a credit card, you can grasp "when, at which store, what and how much" with one household account book application.

What has become convenient is the exchange of small amounts of money. The other day's mini alumni association was a split bill, but I was able to collect it smartly with the function of the application. It is very convenient because you can collect money in units of 1 yen. Anyway payment If you pay in the app, salary payment think recently even as I also ask them to deposit the app. At the drinking party, my classmate S said, "I buy everything with points. If you give me a premium, I can get a salary with points," but it doesn't seem to be a joke.

Choose a favorable rate for overseas travel and payment

B plans to travel abroad to Europe next month. Until now, it was necessary to exchange Japanese yen for euros in advance, but since the application used is linked with the API, even if you eat or shop at a restaurant, you can do it on the spot. You can select and payment financial institution with the most favorable rate. Therefore, it is not necessary to bring not only the exchanged euro but also the cash Japanese yen. There is no need to worry about theft.

Community-based electronic currencies -- "electronic community currency" -- are also likely to increase. In some areas, the service has already been launched. In the future, if measures such as presenting value-added electronic community currency to inbound tourists (foreign visitors to Japan) are launched, it will motivate them to visit the area and will be useful for regional revitalization.

In addition, B uses convenient services through API linkage in his daily life without realizing it. For example, a taxi dispatch app. This was created by API cooperation between a vehicle dispatch service company, a map information service company, and a payment In other words, finance services, the routes and fees that were previously left to the driver have been shifted to those that users can lead. In addition to knowing the price in advance, a ride-hailing app in Asia records the driving route, so there is no so-called "rip-off" and it is popular with tourists.

Expand the possibilities of the sharing economy

The API integration between these payment apps and other useful apps is likely to have a major impact on the sharing economy, which extends to cars, motorcycles, bicycles, offices, and homes. For example, in the private payment, you will receive an email with a PIN that will replace the key when the accommodation date approaches, and you will be unlocked and check-in and check-out. Some can be completed. There is no need to receive the key directly, which is a great advantage for both the guest and the host. In this way, API linkages such as the locations of available goods and services, reservations, and payment

In the future, the "multiplication of convenience" realized by API will enrich our lives.

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