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Aucfan Co., Ltd.

We decided on your company from rational choices such as low fees, credit, and recurring payment Actual

Services used:PG Multi-Payment Service, Credit card payment | Advanced | recurring payment

Category: Services | Auction Price Comparison Service

Introduction site: Aucfan

Service Overview: Through the auction information search site such as products and prices, you can search the current and past information of various auctions across the market and objectively. It is a very convenient service that allows you to know the price changes in the market so far.

This article was published in May 2014.

What was the selection point of the payment processing company

How is our service level since it was introduced?

It is operating stably without any trouble. Of course, the sales staff is particularly good at customer support. The person in charge can handle the deep contents of various situations. The person in charge at the site also said about this point.

When building this service, we had you put a lot of effort into it, including accounting, and thanks to you, we were able to build it in a speed of two months from the start to the service in.

Please tell us about your future efforts

Currently, Credit card payment and Bank transfer Mino payment method is equipped with, other installments, we would like to also introduced, such as electronic money.

In addition to the current information retrieval service, we are considering opening an auction school to further revitalize the auction market. We will contribute to the world by revitalizing the secondary distribution market for goods. Please look forward to it.

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