Year-round recruitment of Potential Talent

Starting with the hiring of new graduates in FY2017, GMO-PG will introduce a “Year-Round Recruitment of Potential Talent” program, which enables employees to join the Company in either April or October.

Traditionally, both Japanese and foreign graduates from universities abroad had to wait until the standard April entry period. However, they will no longer need to wait under the new system, which will be a more efficient way for new recruits to become a part of the Company.
Additionally, the new recruitment program will be available to graduates who have not obtained employment due to different reasons. Students who have studied abroad, or graduates who have obtained jobs after graduating but have left their positions are two examples. The new system will allow them to leverage the experiences that they have gained after finishing school, and allow then to start their careers promptly.


What are required qualifications of applicants?

There are 2 groups of potential applicants.
・Students who are expected to graduate by April 2018;
・Students of universities, graduate schools, colleges and technical colleges, or those who have graduated within the last 2 years.
(* Students of all departments and faculties are the subject of new hiring program.)

Please tell me about the types of jobs available under the “Year-round recruitment of Potential Talent” program?

There are 3 types of jobs: "corporation sales”, “system engineering” and “corporate planning”

When can I enter the Company?

Twice a year: April and October.

Handling of personal information

The Company uses personal information of applicants for the respective purposes as follows:

  • for hiring activity, including providing information on selection and recruitment, contacts regarding interview results, recruitment history management, etc;
  • for employees management after hiring;
  • for creating statistical data.
P-Mark Certification
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The services of GMO Payment Gateway are PCI DSS 3.2 compliant.
All business premises of GMO Payment Gateway have acquired ISO/IEC.