Your Growth Capital Partner
Strategic Business Partner


Our Philosophy

Startups represent the mindset and innovative force to change status quo for the better.

Established leaders such as GMO PG are well-positioned to lead ecosystem transformation.

Together, we can change the world.

Our Core Value

Big enough to influence market movement,
Small enough to be a true partner

  • While large companies have great strength to move markets,
    it’s often at the cost of slow process.
  • Smaller companies represent innovation and the ability to be nimble,
    yet are limited in resources, which hinders impact.
  • GMO PG / GMO VP is the balanced partner.
  • While we are the largest payment service provider in Japan,
    we run an efficient organization led by some of Asia’s greatest founders in the payment ecosystem.
  • We are the optimal partner,
    combining the strength of a large company with the agility of a small one.

Our Team

The companies shown here are the combined portfolio of equity and debt.