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Fraud prevention service (Sift)

▼ What is Fraud Prevention Service (Sift)?
We provide "Sift", a fraudulent transaction prevention service that utilizes machine learning, as an Optional Services PG Multi-Payment Service
By having machine learning take charge of tuning fraudulent rules, which was conventionally done manually, it is possible to reduce costs and operational load and identify suspicious transactions.
It provides (1) a function to collect various data such as device information, (2) an automatic learning function of fraud tendency by machine learning, and (3) a smart management screen suitable for analysis of fraud factors.

Benefits of fraud prevention services (Sift)

  • ・ By referring to the judgment score, it contributes to the reduction of chargeback
  • -By utilizing machine learning, the operational load can be reduced and the conventional fraud countermeasure costs can be significantly reduced.
  • PG Multi-Payment Service specification, the introduction cost such as development burden can be reduced and it can be easily introduced.
  • -Automatic tuning is performed by linking chargeback information judged to be fraudulent with the automatic learning function of fraudulent tendency by machine learning.

Service operation flow

  • Information required to return the score… Information required to return the score
  • Information required for tuning… Information required for tuning
transaction data flow
  1. Enter customer information at the time of purchase
  2. Send detection data
  3. Link detection data
  4. Score return
  5. Score return
  1. Judgment of product shipment based on the result
  2. Link judgment results and fraudulent information
  3. Link judgment results

Important point

  • ・ It is not a service that guarantees 100% prevention of fraudulent transactions.
  • ・ This service is for member stores using Credit card payment PG Multi-Payment Service