Introducing GMO CashConnect

GMO CashConnect

▼ What is GMO CashConnect?

Support for building a QR code infrastructure that bridges automatic teller machines, ticket vending machines, ATMs, etc. with smartphone wallets (bank accounts, fund transfer accounts, Prepaid Payment Instrument
By being able to deposit and withdraw cash cardlessly anywhere, we aim to create a society payment

GMO CashConnect Conceptual Diagram

GMO CashConnect Conceptual Diagram

Benefits of GMO CashConnect

  • ・ Monetization using automatic payment machines is possible
  • ・ Reduced development cost * No need to install a card reader or QR code reader
  • ・ Shortening the development period

Important point

  • contract with each business operator are required for deposits and withdrawals to and from smartphone wallets.
  • -The connected automatic payment machine, etc. must be a terminal that can communicate and has an LCD screen.