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How to choose a payment processing company

payment processing services that can be understood in 5 minutes

▼ If payment processing company do you have any problems like this?
・ I'm having trouble choosing payment processing company
・ I'm wondering if I should introduce payment as credit cards in the first place.
・ I don't know how to introduce payment

Things to check

1. Whether the management screen is centralized

The management screen is not just a tool, but payment processing company, and it is very important to have the expansion potential to flexibly respond to future changes in the market environment. This is because it can be said to be an important judgment factor.

2. How many companies have a Actual of introduction and what kind of industry / format is supported?

You can see what kind of industry and business format it corresponds to from the introduction examples.

3. Is the security environment in place?

payment from the previous payment safe and secure until after payment must be sure that the environment, or are working on strengthening of security measures is important.

4. Do you have a test environment?

We are payment system test environment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can check in advance whether payment system is suitable for the business operator's EC site.

Reasons to recommend payment

Contributes to increased sales

More than half of online shop buyers want to payment As for the payment option Internet, credit cards have the top share of 51.9% *.
* From the Internet White Paper of the Japan Internet Association

In one survey, 58.4% of users answered that they "stop purchasing" or "purchase at another shop that can use the payment option payment option when purchasing at an online shop". It is no exaggeration to say that the biggest point that leads to sales is payment

The introduction of various payment services can be said to be a shortcut to increasing sales at EC shops.

Increase the purchase rate

payment will also lead to an increase in the trust of EC sites and online shops. For example, the fact that Credit card payment is prepared as a payment method is proof that the merchant screening In the case of a digital content sales site for smartphones, not only convenience payment bearing the logo of the mobile phone operator can be expected to have the same effect.

In non-face-to-face payment such as online shops, dispelling anxiety has a great influence on the final decision of the purchase applicant until the purchase. Improving the trust of the store is an important requirement not to miss customers.

Creating an environment where you can enjoy Internet shopping more safely and securely will increase your purchasing opportunities and increase your purchasing rate.

How to think about the usage fee to be paid to the payment processing company

It can be said that it is difficult for a business operator to select the company with the best cost performance by using only the materials that can be viewed on the homepage, the comparison site, and the information posted on the summary site.

payment processing company is more complicated than the smartphone / mobile phone fee. This is because we have to set various usage fees such as initial cost, fixed monthly cost, processing fee, and card rate. In addition, these multiple usage charges will vary depending on factors that differ from business to business, such as the type of business, business type, products handled, and sales volume.

In addition, for the fee, commonly referred to as a card rates payment processing company for some of which is determined by the card company rather than the company, payment processing company company itself there is also reason that can not be asserted with a 100% certainty.

payment processing company payment processing company you will notice that some settlement agencies have initial costs, monthly costs, processing fees, etc. of 0 yen. In this case, there must be some reason in exchange for favorable economic conditions, such as setting a higher card rate, restrictions on support and functions, and merchant screening

Due to these factors, it is extremely risky to calculate and judge the usage fee that the business operator will actually pay from the price list written on the homepage.

In order not to lose the usage fee

In payment processing company, we also make inquiries by phone. If you payment processing company that has a support system as described on the homepage, you should be able to propose payment If you can compare the contents and charges of the proposed payment payment processing company, you will eliminate the risk of making a major mistake in introducing payment

payment plans to maximize the profits of our customers based on many successful cases.