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EC construction support service (partner introduction)

Partner Programs we are providing a wide range of services to our member stores. By using these services, you can smoothly introduce payment

EC open source Japan's No. 1


You can customize and freely build and renew the site. You can build your own shopping platform.

No. 1 in ASP industry with installed functions


The feature is that the price is low compared to other companies' online shop construction services. The number of function items is 651, which is the No. 1 in the ASP industry.


For mail delivery and CRM, Tricorn's "Kreisel". We provide services that simplify mail delivery systems, form creation, and CRM.

Easy to pick up your luggage


Ukettle is an application that allows you to track and request redelivery of packages for free, making it easy to receive packages purchased from online shops.

Create an EC shop

EC construction shopping cart


MakeShop by GMO

  • ・ Easy construction of high-performance, low-priced, selling shops
  • Actual of security and reliability in more than 18,000 stores in Japan
  • ・ In addition to sales promotion functions such as auctions and joint purchases, we also offer a full range of customer attraction services.

Wise Cart ASP (shared server)


Entertech Co., Ltd.

  • Actual about 6,000 stores from small stores to large companies
  • ・ Monthly fee 5,250 yen ~ Speedy opening by applying from the Web
  • ・ Full of functions for building a full-scale shop. Mobile is also OK

Multi-payment service "COdeGATE"


Royal Gate Inc.

payment system compatible with PCs, tablets and smartphones, and you can select payment type according to the usage scene.
Both business people payment can use it conveniently and with peace of mind.

GMO Pepabo Co., Ltd.


  • ・ Japan's largest online shop creation service
  • ・ Initial fee and monthly fee can be started free of charge
  • ・ Many customers choose it because of its abundant functions and customizable design.

Samurai cart

Samurai cart

FID Co., Ltd.

  • ・ Reduces operational burden with functions that can reach itchy areas
  • ・ Achieves LTV maximization by CRM function
  • ・ Customization support allows the system to evolve as the shop grows

Craft cart

Craft cart

Croft Craft Co., Ltd.

  • -A mail-order system "Craft Cart" featuring high functionality such as subscription
  • -It also supports powerful CRM functions and telephone fax orders, and all page design editing is possible.
  • ・ You can build a high-quality shop without destroying your brand image.

EC construction ASP



ITEC Hankyu Hanshin Co., Ltd.

  • ・ Responding to new customers through site information design and SEO measures
  • ・ RFM narrowing down and responding to repeat customers by email delivery
  • ・ Business support through promotion and EC consulting services



Aratana Inc.

  • ・ From 9,800 yen monthly. Providing high-end services at prices comparable to low-priced ASPs!
  • ・ Customization (design and function expansion) is possible as the shop grows!
  • ・ Create original designs that match the characteristics of each shop!

Hospitality EC


Internet Business Frontier Co., Ltd.

  • ・ Full support for attracting customers, making contracts, EC systems, and repeat measures.
  • ・ We can provide partial support to full support according to your needs.



Solid Technology Co., Ltd.

  • ・ PG Multi-Payment Service EC-ASP service with standard connection
  • ・ It is possible to build an evolved EC site with excellent expandability in a short period of time.
  • ・ You can freely design the public site!

EC construction service [PRECS]


Pakureserve Co., Ltd.

  • · Smartphones / social commerce correspondence / advertising aggregation function / subscription features, such as standard equipment!
  • And introduction companies Samatsuki quotient 80 million yen more than Actual EC construction ASP proud of is the monthly 4,800 yen - available.

EC construction open source

EC site construction solution


Lockon Co., Ltd.

  • ・ The EC-CUBE official page introduces partners who can build EC sites.
  • ・ You can choose from actual construction examples, areas of specialty, and regions.

EC-CUBE module construction


IP Logic Co., Ltd.

  • ・ Development of various EC-CUBE modules represented by EC-CUBE payment.
  • ・ Large-scale shopping site and Web system construction.

EC-CUBE construction service

株式会社イズム EC-CUBE

Ism Co., Ltd.

  • ・ We accept all processes from EC-CUBE construction to design.
  • ・ Customization I am confident about the connection to the core system.
  • ・ Please leave the after-sales follow-up after construction to us.

Online shop opening and operation service


Thank U

  • ・ We are good at customizing functions to attract more customers and increase sales.
  • ・ Sales can be increased by the shop design with high usability.
  • ・ Increase added value through SEO, blog construction, and blog parts / widget production.

Shop bank

ShopBank EC-CUBE

System Friend Co., Ltd.

  • ・ Introduce EC-CUBE shops with the free iPhone app ShopBank.
  • ・ The usage fee is a success fee type (3% of the purchase amount of the application user).

Apparel specialized EC construction "ESC"


Fulbright Co., Ltd.

  • ・ Package development that meets all the requirements for apparel EC
  • ・ Sales increase is a "magazine advertisement interlocking service" unique to apparel
  • ・ "Reliable customization support" essential for customer service-oriented apparel EC management



Pep and Mac Co., Ltd.

  • ・ Installation and construction of EC site by Magento
  • ・ System customization by developing various modules
  • ・ Operation and maintenance support including front and back ends

Bokublock Co., Ltd.

ボクブロック EC-CUBE

Bokublock Co., Ltd.

  • ・ Build your own customized EC site based on EC-CUBE
  • ・ Total support including not only construction but also operation, maintenance and consulting
  • ・ Development system by experienced dedicated staff who have continued to provide EC solutions for many years

Cross-border EC construction service

Verite Works Co., Ltd.


  • (1) We provide a cross-border / EC site construction service that utilizes Magento, E-commerce platform with the world's No. 1 share.
  • (2) Utilizing the experience that Magento has been involved in since the beta version, we will provide comprehensive services related to Magento.

Starfield Co., Ltd.

Starfield Co., Ltd.

  • [Cross-border EC cart Launch Cart]
  • ・ First in Japan! Supports the three major payment There are all the functions required for overseas sales on our own site
  • ・ Introduction Actual more than 300 companies. We can handle everything from test sales to full-scale customization.
  • ・ Full support for marketing, delivery agency, etc.

J-Grab Co., Ltd.


  • ・ A big favorite of cross-border EC! The introduction Actual overseas in in the Magento world No.1 multi-language multi-currency smartphone design!
  • ・ We will sell your products on eBay, the 10 trillion yen market! No English or own site required!
  • ・ We also provide optimal consulting tailored to the type of business of the business operator expanding overseas and the country in which it is expanding!

ACD Co., Ltd.


  • ・ From 9,700 yen per month. We have an online shop that supports 11 languages, 24 currencies, and overseas shipping.
  • - World 109 or the operation of the country Actual, ASP industry's largest Actual
  • ・ Supports PG multi-payment service
  • payment screen connected to GMO Payment Gateway in 11 languages.

Infomarks Corp.

Infomarks Corp.

  • ・ Infomarks, which has many Actual the operation of EC sites, provides one-stop support for overseas expansion.
  • ・ We will develop sales channels through cross-border e-commerce, opening and operating local mall sites, and developing BtoB channels.
  • ・ It is inexpensive because it is carried out at our own base from acquisition of various certifications, content production, and shipping of exhibition orders.

EC construction package

Regi + Logi


Art Trading Co., Ltd.

  • ・ Regi + Logi provides full support for mail-order business, from building its own website to managing orders and inventory / logistics, which are troublesome after selling.
  • -Fully supports outsourcing of shipping operations.




  • ・ Supports the creation of "sites that you want to buy" in terms of functionality and operation to improve sales
  • ・ Formal / casual Full-scale gift function for various gift scenes
  • ・ Email / Recommendation / CGM Operation support for effective marketing tools

Orange EC

Orange EC

Escuvism Co., Ltd.

  • ・ "O2O package" that realizes O2O and omni-channel systems
  • ・ "Orange EC Mall" where you can build a mall like Rakuten in-house
  • ・ EDI, ordering system, WEB procurement system "Orange EC B2B"

Cyber check-in

Cyber Chek-in

Swais Co., Ltd.

  • ・ WEB reservation system for luxury hotels
  • ・ WEB settlement system for luxury hotels
  • ・ Creation and construction of official website for luxury hotels

Sell-Side Solution


Commerce Co., Ltd. 21

  • ・ Development and sales of EC site construction software
  • ・ EC site construction service (customer EC site consulting, in-house development)
  • ・ Data center operation and maintenance

ecbeing 7


Soft Create Co., Ltd.

  • ・ Annual sales of 2.7 billion yen Condensed experience of operating "Specials Com" in a package!
  • And introduction Actual of more than 550 companies in the EC package Standard
  • ・ Reliable support with staff of over 120 developers (customization support)



Skill Up Japan Co., Ltd.

  • ・ Customizable EC site total solution
  • ・ Providing consistent e-commerce management from CRM to sales promotion
  • ・ A package that can handle high-load transactions is also available.

Space-time merchant


Dream Nets Co., Ltd.

  • ・ Customizable strategic E-commerce site construction system
  • Actual such as malls, drop shipping, auctions, BtoB, etc.
  • ・ Planning and function customization is possible according to the type of industry and product, and management and SEO consulting are also available.



Next Solutions Co., Ltd.

  • ・ EC-Next was born from the know-how cultivated through the construction of EC sites for various products such as fishing tackle, stationery, sweets, and furniture, including the home appliance brand amadana, and customer feedback.
  • ・ It is possible to build an EC site that is not bound by the frame of the package with the optimum solution according to the type of industry and product.



Yumemi Co., Ltd.

  • ・ Full of essential functions for mobile EC, such as a minimum of 2 clicks
  • ・ Provide a wide range of services from ASP services to large-scale customization projects



Commerce Co., Ltd. 21

  • ・ Strategic crafting type EC site construction solution that covers [EC site construction], [operation], [mail order / inquiry response], [marketing / sales promotion]



Eltex Co., Ltd.

  • ・ Supports sales expansion promotion including design and online advirtisement
  • ・ System "Xspeecs" that can fully support not only EC but also mail order business
  • ・ Operation and maintenance in a dedicated cloud environment that can withstand sudden access loads and increased orders.

GMO Cloud EC Package EC

GMO Cloud EC Package EC

GMO System Consulting Co., Ltd.

  • ・ "GMO Cloud EC Package EC" is a customizable cloud EC package.
  • ・ Supports matching, auction, subscription, and BtoB sites
  • ・ Development with a sense of speed allows construction in as little as 3 months

EC construction back office



Illy Co., Ltd.

  • ・ All-in-one package software for the mail-order industry that allows easy customer management, order management, and analysis.
  • ・ Success stories of other companies are reflected in the system.
  • ・ Analysis functions such as CPM and RFM are standard functions.

Decor integrated mail order solution


OS Co., Ltd.

  • ・ Sales management, customer consultation room, EC site, logistics, and mail order are all strongly linked.
  • ・ Fulfillment solution that realizes "bond marketing".
  • ・ We meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Mail order one-stop service


  • ・ Promotional support (product bundled, web advertisement, etc.)
  • ・ System support ("Xspeecs")
  • ・ Fulfillment support (logistics, ordering, payment agency)



Solid Technology Co., Ltd.

  • ・ PG Multi-Payment Service standard connection mail order integrated package
  • ・ mail order and online shops with a database
  • ・ In addition to inventory management and customer management, we also manage mail-order operations collectively.



Eltex Co., Ltd.

  • ・ Supports sales expansion promotion including design and online advirtisement
  • ・ System "Xspeecs" that can fully support not only EC but also mail order business
  • ・ Operation and maintenance in a dedicated cloud environment that can withstand sudden access loads and increased orders.

Video distribution



Skill Up Japan Co., Ltd.

  • -PaaS type service that can realize high image quality distribution at low bit rate
  • ・ Seamless video distribution that can be viewed on both PCs and mobile phones is possible!
  • ・ A solution for iPhone equipped with LIVE distribution function is also available.



Adjust Co., Ltd.

  • ・ You can start your own video distribution site at a low price immediately.
  • ・ Many Actual Adopted in a wide range of fields from education to entertainment
  • ・ Supports payment methods such as cards, carriers, convenience stores, and electronic money

SaaS type EC construction ASP



Interfactory, Inc.

  • ・拡張性(デザインや機能を柔軟にカスタマイズできる)
  • ・最新性(継続的なアップデートで、時流に合った標準機能を実装)
  • ・信頼性(厳しいセキュリティー基準をクリアしている)

GMOクラウドEC クラウドEC



  • ・O2O、OMO、オムニチャネル等、DX推進に最適なコマースシステム
  • ・ヘッドレスコマースのため、複数サイト(マルチサイト)の構築が可能
  • ・自社ECだけでなく、モールやマーケットプレイスの構築が可能

Integrated solution for mail order



Eltex Co., Ltd.

  • ・ Supports sales expansion promotion including design and online advirtisement
  • ・ System "Xspeecs" that can fully support not only EC but also mail order business
  • ・ Operation and maintenance in a dedicated cloud environment that can withstand sudden access loads and increased orders.