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OEM of GMO Smart Shiharai

Solution to support expansion of credit and debit cards

For consumers, it is more convenient and profitable to pay with credit cards. For merchants, payment by credit card helps to “attract more customers by effective marketing”, to “improve operational efficiency” and increase sales.
All of the above will promote the expansion of credit and debit cards, and lead to the formation of a new contact point with clients.

  • Get useful information in real time
  • Instantly check stores available for the service
  • Unify control over coupons and stamps cards within the app

Four features of O2O Platform Services (mobile payment app)

1. Improves consumers’ convenience

Mobile payment application enables to unify control over all coupons and stamp cards, and delivers useful information in real time.

2. Strengthens relationship between merchants and consumers

The app can be used as a communication tool between merchants and consumers.
By offering marketing support services that can be used on POS terminals and within apps, we are able to enhance convenience for both merchants and customers.

3. Helps to attract customers

The application timely delivers useful information about sales and campaigns, and thus, helps merchants support communication with their customers.

4. Promotes further relationship between merchants and consumers by deployed reward point service

Earning reward points at regional merchants stimulates customers to use them, thus, helping merchants to attract customers.

(*System is available as an option)

Applications developed by GMO-PG

Application for consumers

Mobile application for consumers has following features: point management, coupon reception, stamp card, and account balance confirmation. By linking used points and received points at the time of payment, we set up an environment that enables to use “credit card / debit card”.

Application for consumers

Application for merchants

Mobile application for merchants has following features: customers information management that includes store visits and sales history, push notifications to customers, and coupons distribution. It helps to increase the repeat customer rate and unit price.

Application for merchants

Use case

Improvement of credit card environment and cashless infrastructure as efforts to revitalize regions

Implementation examples

O2O Platform Services provided by GMO-PG

①Hokkoku Osaifu App (“mobile payment application for consumers”)

In addition to issuing Hokkoku Visa Debit Cards(*1), the Hokkoku Bank, Ltd. also provides a free Hokkoku Osaifu App for consumers. By using this app, consumers are able to search for available stores and receive useful information.
The mobile payment application has gathered various valued-added services, including management of account balance and payment history, usage and management of points, and control and operation of all processes within a smartphone.

(*1)Hokkoku Visa Debit Card

※2 Hokkoku Visa Debit Card

Visa Debit Cards issued by Hokkoku Bank are available at all merchant stores acquired by Hokkoku Bank. The debit card supports Visa payWave Standard, so the payment is completed by just waving in front of the terminal reader. Consumers can earn points according to the amount they use. The service is not available for consumers under 15 y/o.

②Point Service of Hokkoku Visa Debit Card

The point service is linked to a debit card.
Point management system is also offered on the OEM platform.

③Hokkoku Osaifu App (“mobile payment application for cashier”)

At the time of acquiring merchant stores, Hokkoku Bank also provides POS terminals and free Hokkoku Osaifu App for merchants. Equipped with a marketing function, this application helps to improve sales and promote the further use of Hokkoku Visa Debit Cards (*2).

(*2)Hokkoku Bank Card Merchant Terminal

※3 Hokkoku Bank Card Merchant Terminal

The start of acquiring and managing regional merchants will lead to the increasing demand for payments by cards. Hokkoku Bank will continue offering merchant terminals that allow to use Visa payWave function. In spring 2018, they are planning to provide terminals that also support China UnionPay and other type of electronic money with point earning function.