China UnionPay

China UnionPay

▼ China UnionPay
China UnionPay allows buyers to pay with their UnionPay cards (debit or credit cards) when they shop online.
*The number of UnionPay cards issued: 5 billion (as of the end of June 2015).

China UnionPay

Advantages of China UnionPay

  • ・It is a perfect payment method for Chinese consumers
    The number of China UnionPay cards keeps growing year after year reflecting increased needs of Chinese shoppers.
  • ・It minimizes the chargeback risk
    UnionPay adopts a secure connection method, thus providing your customers with a secure and reliable payment experience.

Operation flow

From the stage of purchase to sales deposit

  • Purchase information, Payment number, Payment notification…Purchase information, Payment number, Payment notification
  • Deposit…Deposit
  • Service delivery…Service delivery
Operation flow
  1. Purchase
  2. Payment processing
  3. Payment processing
  4. Authentication information (URL is issued)
  5. Authentication information is returned.
  1. Authentication screen is displayed
  2. Authentication processing
  3. Payment notification processing
  4. Notification of a completed payment
    * Using only the program providing result notification
  5. >Service delivery
  1. Payment
  2. Sales deposit
    * Only in case of Representative contact with merchants
  3. Sales deposit
    * Only in case of Representative contact with merchants

Screen transition

Screen transition

Important notes

1. About payment

Amount limit 99,999,999 yen
Shipping fee tax limit 9,999,999 yen
Processing period 90 minutes (from the beginning to the end of payment)
Actual sales The period from temporally sales to actual sales is 29 days
Amount change Amount change (reduction) is possible at the time of authorized sales transaction
Void Within 29 days after temporally sales transaction.
Only on the day of immediate sales/authorized sales.
Return Within 179 days from the following day after processing of immediate sales/authorized sales is completed.
Partial return is possible and can be conducted multiple times until it becomes 0 yen.
Withdrawal Within the period when void is possible money will not be withdrawn from a consumer’s bank account.

* Compared to Japanese debit cards, money will not be withdrawn immediately by temporally sales/instant sales transaction.

2. About other restrictions

China UnionPay option is available only for UnionPay card holders.
*As of August 2015, UnionPay cards that were issued in Japan cannot be used, however the service covers 99% UnionPay cards issued in China.

*For more information, please contact us via application form or by phone.