Google Analytics Reporting

Google Analytics Reporting

Google Analytics is a web analytics service that helps to analyze and improve websites

Access analysis

1. To capture and understand users’ behavior

You can identify problems based on various data, including session duration, bounce rate, and cart abandonment rate.

2. To understand how to improve a website / page

Google Analytic enables to analyze whether there is any missing information on the page, or whether the CV could be reached by going to this concrete page or not. In addition, it helps to understand popular content and web browsing situation.

3. To identify approaches with a high customer acquisition rate and optimize them

Google Analytic enables to identify approaches with a high customer acquisition rate. It allows to understand data of each media, including advertising, and visualize highly effective data.

Setting up Google Analytics

We conduct implementation of Google Analytics on your websites.
Dimension and metrics in the Analytics account can be customized according to your service. We can use them to collect and analyze data that includes sales measurements, customers’ inflow via Listing Ads, and customers’ inflow via natural search.

Google Analytics Reporting

We conduct access analysis on your websites and make two types of reports that can be useful for improvement of your website and contents.

  • 1. Trends analysis report
  • 2. Report of our analysis consultant

Support Package

We provide a support package that can be used to operate Google Analytics on your website.
We will visit your company once in a month to present a report and deliver useful analytical know-how.

  • ・Google Analytics basic knowledge
  • ・Google Analytics analysis techniques
  • ・Simple Google Analytics reports